Are You Working Through the Purchase or Refinance of a Home?

Don’t let others take advantage of you. Conferring with an attorney during this process can save you thousands. Our services include:

Professional Title Search

We engage a professional title company to research the title to the property, and prepare a title report (abstract) which discloses all liens and encumbrances that may affect the title to the property.

Title Examination

We verify that the title satisfies legal requirements, and if so, we issue a commitment to ensuring title for the buyer and buyer’s lender. We also work with the requisite parties to resolve title issues prior to settlement

Title Insurance

We provide basic and enhanced title insurance policies, depending on the transaction. In some cases, for a refinance transaction, a lower, re-issue rate may be available for title insurance.


We arrange for the buyer’s survey to detect apparent encroachments, boundary line problems or property description issues.

Coordination with Lender and Other Parties Involved

We work directly with the lender and other parties to the transaction, ensuring that all conditions are resolved prior to settlement.

Preparation of Transfer Documents

We prepare deeds, transfer tax affidavits, and other documents necessary to transfer title, and arrange for the payoff and satisfaction of the seller’s mortgage on the public records.

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