We offer debt settlement/negotiations for those who do not qualify for bankruptcy, due to excess income or assets, those who want to eliminate unsecured debt but cannot afford Chapter 13 plan payments, or for those who wish to avoid bankruptcy at all costs, but still desire to become debt-free. We offer true debt settlement plans which eliminate 40 to 60% of the outstanding balances on your unsecured debt.

Please do not confuse our service with credit counseling programs, in which you repay all of your creditors in full with an adjusted interest rate over four to five years. Many individuals sign up with these programs spending years repaying according to the payment program, only to find out that they are no closer to being debt-free when they started, with impaired credit, and facing lawsuits from creditors who do not agree to these credit counseling plans.

How Do Debt Settlements/Negotiations Help You?

  • Relief from creditor harassment.
  • Direct negotiations with your creditors, we reach a settlement deal to satisfy the balance on your credit cards, hospital bills, personal loans, and other unsecured debt. If you qualify for the program, you can obtain significant savings on principal and interest Bankruptcy is avoided and you still eliminated a fast percentage of your debts in 24 months or less.
  • We contact your creditors and have them deal directly with us and not you.
  • After an evaluation of your financial situation, we devise one convenient monthly payment to put in our escrow account for the purpose of negotiation and payment to your creditors.
  • Our service also differs from traditional debt management and negotiation plans who front load their fees. Other than Administrative fees we do not collect fees until we do the work, i.e., negotiate the debt. Unfortunately, we only accept cases with eight (8) or more creditors.

Let’s Get Started

Before your first consultation with us, please fill out our Delaware bankruptcy forms.